Philippine Spiritual Healing

Traditional Philippine Spiritual Healing

Spiritual  healing is practiced around the world in different countries for a long time. Example is reiki which is practiced in Japan,shaman in south America. Healers are working in South Africa. Spiritual healers are famous in United Kingdom. Some are even allowed to work in hospitals with medical doctors. They even have a college for healing and mediumship in London and in Standstead.

In the Philippines, spiritual healing has been part of our tradition, even before the introduction of medical science in our country. People in our country go to spiritual healers for the healing of their ailments. Spiritual healers in the Philippines work differently from other health care providers like medical practitioners and therapists. Most medical providers work directly on the physical body of their patients to cure them, while spiritual healers work on the subtle energy bodies of their patients to heal them. Healers work on the chakras, meridians and auras of their patients. The healers work on a person’s 3 bodies which are the physical, spirit and soul. And in each of this level an energy flows through our meridians. And if a person is sick on the physical, emotional, psychological or mental level, the healer will feel or see through his third eye the presence of energy blockages in one, two or three levels on the patient, depending on the kind of illness a patient has.

So a healer has 2 objectives to be able to heal his patients. First he has to be able to identify and later clear or remove all energy blockages and then channel spiritual healing energy to his patient in order to start a healing process for his patients. For common and not so serious ailments, the manifestation of blockage normally manifest on the physical level. And for more serious illnesses on the physical and emotional level this can manifest on the healer on 2 levels, both on the physical as well as on the spirit level. And when a healer encounters healing patients who have serious or incurable ailments, the manifestation of energy blockages can be in 3 levels. Most illness that fall in this category can be considered to be illnesses with karmic reasons. Example of this ailments are cancer, Neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, unusual illnesses, as well as emotional problems like Clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, uncontrolled anger, Mental disorders and abnormalities, as well as other incurable diseases and other chronic illnesses. These are considered by healers as problems which have karmic reasons.

And this is the challenge for a healer, and that is when he is allowed to work and clear the karmic reasons for the illnesses, the complete healing can happen for their patients. And in every healing done by the healer , it’s not only a physical experience for the patient but more important thing is that it’s also a spiritual experience for the patients because the healer can channel healing energies for the patients spirit and soul level.