About Osteopathy

Andrew Taylor StillAbout 120 years ago, the American physician and surgeon Andrew Still founded „osteopathy“.
Osteopathy is a different kind of medicine based on the integrated unit of mind, body and spirit.
Osteopathy is based on the assumption that the cause study has a higher priority than the symptomatic treatment. The body can be considered as a unit respectively as a system ideally in balance. Under certain circumstances, this balance can be disturbed causing symptoms which can possibly not be explained by conventional medicine. In this case, osteopathy can be used as a possible therapy.

Allow natural movement to flow through your body again

The osteopath treats disorders in the body. These functional disorders can reduce the ability of the body structure due to physical, psychical and mental stress we are exposed to in our daily life. The osteopath works with movements of the body such as movements of the joints, rhythms of the cardiovascular system, peristalsis of the intestine, movement of liquids (blood, lymph, liquor). Movement disorders respectively stream disorders in this material and energetic system can be sensed by the osteopath. In case of disorders in the system, there are functional disorders which can be noticed as specific symptoms.